Naturally Beautiful Wedding Photography.

Welcome to Poet, a studio of unique wedding photographers, carefully chosen and artfully managed by industry leaders Erin & Tara. Born from an overflow of enquiries by those in search of soulful wedding photography, Poet offers a curated edit of artists, who share the same artistic values and emotive approach of timeless storytelling, synonymous with the Erin & Tara experience.

Imagined through the lens of their trusted team, final imagery is edited under the artful direction of Erin & Tara themselves. Underpinned by an expressive, documentary style and an editorial eye, each photographer is chosen to specifically compliment each couples personality and unique style of celebration, ensuring a meaningful connection and effortless energy on the day.

Serving as a poignant prompt for the memory decades after the event itself, we believe the most beautiful wedding photography is that which transports you in a heartbeat. Frames told truthfully and artistically, capturing not only each magnificent moment, but the dozens of secretly significant moments in-between. As a curation of unexpected stills, the most meaningful wedding photography should not only document the event, but distil the emotion and inherent energy as it unfolds.

A timeless approach to storytelling, as raw as it is romantic.