Milton Gan Photography

Contemporary wedding imagery for modern lovers

Hello! We’re Milton and Amy, professional photographers and living proof that a boy from London and a girl from the Inner West can be set up on a blind date and end up married!

From first hand experience of living through our own wedding day all we can say is: it’s surreal. The nearest thing we can compare it to is skydiving for the first time; you think you know what it’s like from watching other people do it but nothing can prepare you for that moment when you throw yourself out of a perfectly good aircraft! Nerves, fear, elation and exhilaration ensues and before you know it you’re back on the ground, so our hot tip is to remember to look around and take in as much as you can before the day is over.

We’ve had the privilege of witnessing hundreds of couples experience their own wedding days, and their glowing feedback tells us that they loved entrusting us to do what we do best – documenting you and your closest humans having a freaking awesome day of celebrations!

We’re big on: you being you, doing things your way, breaking the rules and marrying whoever you goddamn want to!

We’re not so keen on: posing you to the nth degree and making you feel awkward. Uh-uh, that’s not our style. Just be the naturally amazing people you are and everything will be just dandy.

2019 is filling up fast, so to have us document your day please get in touch asap, we’d love to hear from you!