Milton Gan Photography

Creators Of Finely Crafted Wedding Photography

Hello! We’re Milton and Amy, professional photographers and creators of finely crafted wedding photography. Being able to capture images that give you goosebumps every time you see them is not just about having a good camera. It’s about artistic vision, technical prowess, and the ability to read minds. We’re privileged to have these skills (including the mind reading) and love nothing more than putting them into practice.

And whilst we think we’re pretty awesome photographers we never forget that this is your day, not ours. So regardless of how you’ve structured your day, even if your reception is in the middle of nowhere, we’re happy to go with the flow. All we want is for you and your favourite people to have the BEST. DAY. EVER.

Meanwhile you can trust that we’ll be doing what we do best – documenting the day as it unfolds through raw and honest imagery. We’ll capture all the moments that matter and everything in-between, so when you view your gallery you’ll not only see how amazing you looked but also who wore what, who cried during the speeches and who had the best moves on the dance floor.

You can also rest assured that we won’t run around with mountains of gear, stage managing your day and causing distractions. Instead we’ll just capture you and your guests as the naturally amazing people you are. We would love to show you more of our work and hear about your wedding plans so please get in touch to arrange an appointment at our home studio in Sydney’s creative hotspot of Chippendale.