Adrian Tuazon Photography

Love and adventure captured through fine art film photography.


In my personal life, I’m a father of a beautiful son who is constantly tormented by my numerous photos of him! My family and I travel a lot, but I will always come home to Melbourne. There’s something magical about the seasons, the colours each season brings and the events that happen throughout the year.

Every summer I “seriously” consider a sea-change, every winter I escape the cold and head overseas, but for those days in-between, when I can, I take in the coffee culture and escape in a café somewhere with a pile of magazines or the latest book on entrepreneurship.

It is my goal to capture your day and tell a story with heart – through the medium of film photography.

Film photography gives me the creative freedom to capture and create something as unique, inspiring and as beautiful as your wedding day. Film is imperfect, organic, light and airy – qualities that lend itself to my style. The process is unmatched and produces classic images that I love.

My work has an artful & deliberate approach. That doesn’t mean I don’t embrace digital capture. I’m passionate about film and the process of restraint and thoughtfulness that it demands. I love both media. For weddings, I shoot up to 80% film. And for portrait/lifestyle sessions, I shoot 100% film.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, I specialise in wedding and lifestyle images. I love to travel and will shoot any assignment anywhere in the world.

I look forward to meeting you. ?