Luke Going Photography

Warmth, Romance, Depth and Soul

Queensland wedding photographer /

The moment I decided to devote myself solely to wedding photography was a poignant moment in my life. I had finally found a career that could synthesise the things I value most – art, relationships & story telling. Coming from a creative family, I have always looked at things a little differently. I like to find the original character within my subjects (or medium) and then draw that to the surface. And this is how I like to approach a wedding.

By seeing the defining qualities that make each couple unique, I can create an artistic reportage of the most significant day of their life. What matters most to me, is that I capture the connection between the couple I photograph. That spark that only exists between these two individuals. And only on a couple’s wedding day does that spark ignite into the flame that unites them.The emotion and sincerity I see through my lens is what inspires me to keep documenting this ancient ritual.

And that lump in my throat I get is a reminder of how lucky I am to be witnessing such an evocative and jubilant declaration of two human beings announcing to the world that they have found their significant other and wish to celebrate it in the most elaborate way.

It is truly a blessing to be a part of.