Dave Houldershaw Photographer

Natural. Beautiful. Fun. Australia Wide + Internationally.

I love what I do and I have a lot of fun doing it. My aim is that you have a lot of fun along the way too. It’s all about soul. Keeping it natural and beautiful.

People are fascinating. The subtle little expressions we make and our body language when we’re around certain people have always been something I observe.

Travelling through India and Sri Lanka at 19 with a very humble old film camera (because digital was a new and expensive thing back then) that’s when I began taking pictures and I’ve never stopped. Travelling. Or taking pictures. Learning on film taught me to spend less time fussing about with the camera and more time with my eyes on the scene in front of me.

When I’m not shooting you’ll find me on the road in my campervan, climbing rocks or sliding down a big white mountain, but not before I’ve had a coffee, speaking of.. Let’s meet up and have one (or two) and chat about your day.