Wedding Gallery Studio

Fun, Authentic, Candid moments captured with Heart

FUN, authentic, candid wedding photos – captured with our heart. On your wedding day, we will capture those genuine emotions & stories as they happen, the interactions among your friends & families, the big fun & the small tears. When you look back at your wedding photos you should not only see what you looked like, but also remember how you felt on your wedding day.

As being a wedding photographer, I think the most tricky thing is how to make our clients act themselves in front the camera, and we found the best way is to get to know them/get them to know us. Our clients often don’t think we are there as a business but we are just one of the guests they invite to their big celebration of their marriage, but with a professional camera in hand. We think we have got the best job in the world, as we make people happy by recording + keeping their happiness for them.

Thank you for stopping by and getting to know us.

Sydney Wedding Photographer.