Bronte & Clyde

Sydney's highly coveted label for bridal robes and lace pieces

Bronte & Clyde’s designs speak to brides to be who see the world with endless creative possibilities and enduring opulence. Through their collection of modern yet timeless bridal robes and statement lace pieces, every bride and her loyal squad can now look and feel unapologetically confident and glamorous getting ready for her wedding.

With practicality, sustainability and an air of charming French je ne sais quoi in mind, part of their design principle is to ensure each garment remains a staple long after the wedding day and can effortlessly transform from bridal party elegance to beach babe chic (a pair of denim shorts to tuck them into is usually all that’s required, really!). And inspired by their local beach, Bronte beach, icons such as Jane Birkin and Kate Moss and designers like Yves Saint-Laurent and Coco Chanel, it’s no coincidence that this label is all about blurring the line between sharp androgyny and soft femininity to achieve such an alluring and ageless sense of nostalgia in their designs.

So for all our brides out there who want to look ethereal and dreamy on their wedding day, here is Bronte & Clyde.