Tay Bassi Creative

Taking pictures, so it lasts longer.

Hi, we’re Tay and Pete, the two creatives behind Tay Bassi Creative.

Tay is our main shooter – she handles most of the business shooting and editing side of things, and loves taking candid photos on your day. Pete second shoots, and loves a good party, he will be your best friend by the end of the night.

We both love weddings. We love the honest moments, the intimiate exchanges, the laughs and tears, and of course the dance moves. We love capturing whats happening, as it happens, not as you stage or repeat it for the 5th time. We love letting you enjoy your day, forgetting we are there and feeling comfortable not realising theres cameras on you all day, but not missing the important moments. We love singing with you on the dance floor, chasing the golden sunset for THAT photo, letting your day unfold and documenting it along the way..

and while we don’t like cliches, I guess we are one in the fact that we love love – but your photos will never be anything other than uniquely you.