Your Interactive Entertainment Specialists

Rentertainment is a must on your wedding guest list!

Boasting access to new and exciting technologies and experiences that have been transforming weddings all over Australia, Rentertainment will help provide memory-making hubs of enjoyment for your special day!

With the NEW Mirror Me Booth, GIF booths and Bullet Time Booths, now a part of their suite, Rentertainment really do have something special for every bride and groom to choose from!

Your wedding is sure to stand out from the rest when you have Rentertainment on your side.

Rentertainment pushes the boundaries of creativity, imagination, technology and fun. Our service packages will have your guests trying their hand at cutting-edge experiences during your wedding, creating a buzzing atmosphere of excitement and leaving everyone impressed at what happens when entertainment and creative technology collide.

Having serviced weddings of varying budgets, sizes and themes from across the nation, Rentertainment have mastered the art of seamlessly and strategically incorporating the perfect entertainment solution with your plans. The range of services available will compliment and enhance the memories made on your Special Day!

If you’re unsure about how to fully incorporate Rentertainment into your vision and budget, we’re flexible and super helpful. Get in touch with our team and we’ll do all we can to tailor any part of the Rentertainment world to your unique needs!

Planning really is part of the fun! We can’t wait to speak with you soon.