Passion for pixels

REAL, HONEST and AUTHENTIC photo' Bullshit!

I’m the Head Honcho around here, well kinda until the Manager speaks, I have two kids Scrumpy (Scarlett 7) and PBody 6 (Preston), and a manager (wife, Fiona), I love my food except for capsicum, I’m a Sports nut and I have a love for anything unique or quirky.

Most of my clients love my Super Easy, documentary style approach. Quite often I hear “Oh JP I’m not that photogenic” and really I don’t care, even if you look like Frankenstein!! Couples choose us because they want REAL, HONEST and AUTHENTIC photo’s…no Bullshit!

Do you really want to be dragged around for hours during your wedding day?? When you can spend quality time with your family and friends..really those are the moments you’ll treasure and Yes I’ll be there with my trusted Point and Shoot camera (Photography Joke) to capture those moments :)-

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