Mindful Diamond Co.

Bespoke Jewellery for the Mindful Consumer

Mindful Diamond Co. is a bespoke jeweller that cares.

Our stunning diamonds and precious metals are completely socially & environmentally responsibly sourced and where possible, fully traceable. Our story arose from wanting to give back to the community, so 10% of our profits go to a charity of your choice so you can directly have a positive impact when working with us. We are truly client focused, so we make the experience of creating your piece one to remember.

We work with you to design and create a custom ring that will be unique in every way!

Specialising in engagement rings and wedding rings, we work closely with you to hand-craft a piece that reflects your desires. Our bespoke process ensures that your unique vision is brought to life without breaking the bank. Not sure what you want? Ask us for our Guide to Choosing an Engagement Ring to start the process. Be sure to check out our Instagram for some inspiration as well!

Mindfulness is at the core of what we do. Our diamonds and gems are fully traceable at every step of the production process – from socially and environmentally responsible mining to ethical polishing and trading. Our goal is to make a piece of jewellery that you can really be proud to wear.