Lauren Evans Celebrant

Bringing the party to the ceremony - no boring bits

Thanks for stopping by! My wedding ethos is delivering ceremonies that are just one big celebration of you – what makes YOUR relationship awesome, why you love each other, what annoys you about each other, the whole shebang!

There’s no reason your ceremony has to be that-thing-you-need-to-get-through-before-the-party, instead, why not start the party with the whole reason everyone has gathered, your marriage ceremony!

Other than a super personalised ceremony, written for you, I cover all the usuals – legal paperwork, meetings, rehearsal, state of the art PA system (your videographer will love me), your official marriage certificate from Births, Deaths and Marriages… and more!

Hit me up for my availability!

Peace out lovers <3

Bayswater 6053 WA AU
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Available on email most days. Weekends and weeknights only for weddings and meetings.