Exquisite Headpieces & Accessories handcrafted in Sydney

MARIA  JAMES Headpieces (previously known as FLORAS BELL) was founded by Maria James who designs and hand-makes timeless headpieces and fashion crowns accentuating women’s beauty and femininity.

Blossoming trees, fields and woodlands whispering “beauty” have a profound impact on Maria’s aesthetical values. Her designs capture and preserve natures enduring charm of clean lines.

Maria’s clients have been featured in International Fashion and Bridal print & online publications such as Cosmopolitan, Stylist UK, Daily Mail UK, Wedding, Bridestory, Wedding Flowers, NDTV, Hollywood reporter, Huffington Post, Metro UK etc.

Maria is currently designing a Limited Edition 2018 “One Fine Day” collection for Brides and Bridesmaids and she can’t wait to share it with you.