Foreva Events

Wedding Planners + Stlylists that believe in your Foreva story!

Brisbane event planner and stylist

We are leading Planners + Stylists that create, design and execute events based on art, personality, emotion, colour and vibrancy. #forevainlove.

+ 10 years of experience

+ Founders of Seasons

+ Creators of THE BRIDE CODE, your ultimate online wedding planner

+ Artists of event design

+ Planners and Stylists for weddings + events from Brisbane to Thailand, UK and more

We love meeting new couples and only work with people that we feel are a good fit for our brand, personalities and vice versa. If you would like to see if we a good fit please see OUR STORY here.

If you would like to book in your Complementary Planning Session please book in HERE.

We look forward to finding out how we can make your special day an ultimate success!!

Foreva Events xo