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For wild at heart, unique & kind spirited lovers

I’m Jodie…. Creative, traveler, coffee lover and cheerleader for love!

Everything we do together from here out begins with a connection. More than anything, I believe this is vital for your wedding photographs, because in order to be authentic in front of the camera, you need to feel comfortable, and it all begins with a connection.

I‘m a natural light photographer with an obsession for non-traditional weddings & gorgeous details.  I make heartfelt, authentic, joyful images for people wild about each other, and about life.

I’m for those couples who effortlessly fall for each other over and over again, who make their own rules and traditions and who embrace the moment.  The adventurers and dreamers who are planning a wedding full of everything uniquely… THEM.

I guarantee we’ll become good friends; we’ll laugh together, share some witty banter and maybe even shed a tear together.  I’ll be there to keep us organized, give you a moment to breathe and put you at ease.  And if by chance you love nature, tall mountains and green forests….. If by chance you dance when no one is looking and you still insist on reading printed books – we will get along just fine!

I can’t wait to hear from you!


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