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Complimentary Teeth Whitening - That will make you smile!

About Us

Dental O So Gentle has been delivering a cosmetic approach to dentistry for over 20 years, with clinics in the CBD and Belridge. Synonymous with personalised and sensitive service, patients choose Dental O So Gentle as their preferred dental clinic because they understand the necessity for not only high quality dental care, but also ethical, personable treatment.

Dental O So Gentle provides a comprehensive variety of dental services, including solutions to dental problems, cosmetic consultations and treatments, and preventative care and advice. With convenient clinic locations and reputable care customised for patients’ budgets, Dental O So Gentle clinicians are the go-to experts for everything from emergency procedures to teeth whitening plans.

Dental O So Gentle understands the importance of not only ensuring dental health, but also obtaining a smile you can be proud off. A large emphasis has been placed on providing a wide range of high-quality cosmetic services, bearing in mind the importance of gentle, individualised treatments to suit both your lifestyle and your financial capabilities. Flexible, levelled approaches allow for everyone to achieve the smile that they deserve. When you smile they smile!

What makes Dental O So Gentle unique among Perth dentists is an uncompromised focus on the individual. Dental O So Gentle’s goal is to achieve perfection for every patient, because presentation is becoming more and more important in today’s world and there is no reason for you to be feeling self-conscious about your smile. There could be a solution perfect for you that’s a lot simpler than you realised.

The doctors and hygienists at Dental O So Gentle believe firmly in providing you with choices in dental care and ensuring that there is a payment plan in place for you to receive the smile you want. Whether you opt for a tooth whitening treatment to take home with you, or porcelain veneers to give you that shiny smile you’ve only dreamed of, there is a solution for your dental needs.

Dental O So Gentle are your long-term partners in dental care and through providing strong advice, affordable treatments, and gentle services you can rest assured that when you come to Dental O So Gentle you’ll be leaving with a bright new smile!

Teeth Whitening
There’s an increasing number of whitening systems and products available, including everything from toothpastes, to over-the-counter gels, rinses, trays and other products. Safe, effective teeth whitening should always be done by a professional and Dental O So Gentle offers easy and successful treatments, which are ideal for clients with healthy teeth and gums.

What do we do?
At Dental O So Gentle we use a tested and trialled tray-based tooth whitening system. The way teeth whitening works is by wearing a mouth guard-like tray containing a peroxide bleaching agent whitening gel solution, for just a few hours a day (or every night for maximum effectiveness).

Complimentary Teeth Whitening
Over the years, we’ve become the Perth dental specialists in teeth whitening. In fact, our teeth whitening treatment has become so perfected, effective and popular that we’ve decided to share it with everyone!

If you look after your teeth well and come in to any Dental O So Gentle clinic for a hygiene and exam appointment, you’ll receive a complimentary teeth whitening treatment!

That’s bound to bring a smile to your face.

For conditions on our complimentary teeth whitening with any hygiene appointment and exam see our website.

Why don’t you book you appointment in today and see if after a session at Perth’s best dental centre you can resist showing off your new smile!

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