Burton Metal Depository

Architecturally Inspired Jewellery for Modern Men

We create meaningful accessories for design-conscious men (and women!) to mark the special moments in your life.

Each piece is custom designed and made by Clara Ho, a former Architect and advocate of local and small creative businesses.

Her architectural background gives pieces a unique three-dimensional aesthetic and minimal boldness. Many have perpetual patterns and hidden inscriptions. Oxidised finishes lend a masculine edge, and sustainably sourced Australian gems add a subtle sparkle.

Each is individually hand finished, so no two will ever be the same.

Clara brings her jewellery and accessories to life in her Derwent Valley studio, and can collaborate on a design with you, wherever you are. She has delivered wedding rings to joyous customers across the world, from London to Sacramento to Penang.

Get in touch with Clara to have a chat about creating your next special piece for yourself or loved one.