Studio Hudson

Understated, fun & personal boutique wedding photographers.

Sydney wedding photographer Luke & Martie work together as a happy couple themselves – are the heart and soul of Studio Hudson, a boutique photography & design studio based in Mosman, Sydney.

We have a keen eye for detail and storytelling, and are passionate about capturing every unforgettable moment of your big day in a fun and inviting atmosphere. We have over 10 years experience across wedding, portrait & event photography, graphic design, plus fine art printing, and is the perfect one-stop-shop for your wedding design.

We offer a choice of packages to suit your needs and budget – from wedding photography to bespoke services, including wedding invite design, engagement portrait shoot, gorgeous photo albums & fine art prints.

Luke is known for his understated, elegant, and fun compositions. He has a background in graphic design and commercial arts, giving him a unique appreciation of how to achieve the best composition. It’s his philosophy to capture every moment in a unique yet timeless way, and to preserve the memories of your beautiful wedding day.

Martie is an advertising and editorial photographer, and an actor at heart. With a background in advertising and product photography, he has a strong eye for detail and ensures every shoot is fun and enjoyable, while achieving the best results possible. With experience as an actor and producer on set, it’s his passion to bring your individual personality and dynamic as a couple to every wedding and portrait shoot. Plus, he’s just fun.

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